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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Week Start: April 22, 2024
Daily - Seven Days per Week
1Sit-Ups3 sets of 30 repsAction01_25x25
2Push-Ups3 sets of 30 repsAction01_25x25
3Abs V-Ups3 sets of 20 repsAction01_25x25
4Abs - Runner Abs3 sets of 20 repsAction01_25x25
5Abs - Ab Holds3 sets of 30 repsAction01_25x25
6Abs - Leg Switch3 sets of 30 repsAction01_25x25
7Brisk Walk1 sets of 1 repsAction01_25x25
Pull-up Bar - Monday, Wednesday & Friday
8Strict Pull-up - Wide Grip3 sets of 6 repsAction01_25x25
9Strict Pull-up - Close Grip3 sets of 5 repsAction01_25x25
10Strict Pull-up - Neutral Grip3 sets of 5 repsAction01_25x25
11Strict Chin-up - Close Grip3 sets of 5 repsAction01_25x25
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