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Tuesday, June 06, 2023
Week Start: June 05, 2023
Daily - Seven Days per Week
1Sit-Ups3 sets of 30 repsActn
2Push-Ups3 sets of 30 repsActn
3Abs V-Ups3 sets of 20 repsActn
4Abs - Runner Abs3 sets of 20 repsActn
5Abs - Ab Holds3 sets of 30 repsActn
6Abs - Leg Switch3 sets of 30 repsActn
7Brisk Walk1 sets of 1 repsActn
Weight Bench - Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
12Leg Press (#37)3 sets of 12 repsActn
13Military Press (#23)3 sets of 12 repsActn
14Butterfly (#2)3 sets of 12 repsActn
15Bench Press (#1)3 sets of 12 repsActn
16Triceps Press-downs (#8)3 sets of 12 repsActn
17Triceps Extensions (#9)3 sets of 12 repsActn
18Underhand Lat Pull-down (#13)3 sets of 12 repsActn
19Standing Curl - Curl Bar3 sets of 6 repsActn
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